Product related FAQ

  • How can I check product expiry date?

Kopi Aroma uses 100% coffee beans with no additional ingredients, preservatives or any chemical substances. Instead of “Expiry date”, we put “Best before date” at the back of our packaging. With proper storage, the aroma and the taste will be preserved up to 6 months. There may be some changes after that period of time.


  • When Kopi Aroma is best consumed?

Kopi Aroma is best consumed within 2-4 weeks after roasting. When the coffee is being stored properly, you can enjoy the best quality coffee for up to 6 months. We roast our coffee everyday, so we only sell the freshest coffee. We want you to enjoy our coffee at its best condition!


  • I received Kopi Aroma as a gift. How could I tell if the coffees are still in a good condition?

We understand that our products may have travelled for a long time and far away from Bandung. In our store, we try our best to inform our customers on how to properly store our coffee. To check if the coffee beans/grounds are still in a good condition, you can do the following steps. Firstly, please check the production date and best before date at the back of our packaging. Anything below 6 months are still acceptable. Secondly, check if the packaging is still in a good condition. Last but not least, check the aroma. Coffee absorbs odour, therefore when it is not properly stored, the aroma may be changed. The aroma may also be gone if the coffee beans/grounds are being left in an opened container or exposed to the open-air for quite some time.


Related to purchase

  • Why coffee purchase per customer is limited?

In an attempt to be fair with all of our customers, there is a limit on how much one customer can purchase in a day. There are a lot of processes that need to be done in order to transform the green beans into the coffee beans that you’re enjoying. And it took quite some time too! Because of those reasons, we are only able to produce and sell certain amount of coffee beans in a day. We are limiting to 3 kg per purchase per customer per day.


  • I live outside the country/city, can Kopi Aroma be delivered?

Unfortunately, we do not provide delivery services. We are sincerely hoping that an acquaintance of you could help buying at our store and send the coffee to you.


  • What are the payment options at your store?

Curently we are only accepting cash. There are ATMs nearby our store and they are all walking-distance. BCA is at the end of Jalan Banceuy. BNi, Mandiri and BRI can be found near Pasar Baru (Jalan Otista) and Panin is at jalan Banceuy towards Alun-alun.


  • Can I buy Kopi Aroma from Gojek/Grab Aplication?

Currently we do not have any partnership program with Gojek or Grab. However, we have found some Gojek/Grab driver came and bought coffee to our store. You can try to ask them to buy through the applications. You can also find the detailed information on our address, products, packaging, grinding types and prices in our website.


  • Can I place an order by phone?

We do not accept by-phone orders. You need to come to our store and we will immediately prepare your order on first come first served basis.


  • Can I change or return my purchase?


We are sorry that we do not do refunds or exchanges on our coffee. This is done to ensure and to maintain our coffee quality. This policy is also written in our store sign. Please kindly check your purchase before you leave our store.


Related to Operational Time

  • What is Kopi Aroma’s operational hours?

8.30 am – 14.30 pm (Monday – Saturday)


  • Can I come to buy in Sunday or during public holiday?

Unfortunately, we are closed on Sunday and Public Holiday


Related to Farmer, Distributor, and Supplier Relations


  • I am a coffee farmer, how can I become a supplier for Kopi Aroma?

Farmers are welcome to send samples directly to our store in Jalan Banceuy No. 51, Bandung 40111 or you can send the samples by mail to the same address.


  • Who is the contact person in charge for purchashing division?

Please email info@kopiaroma.id or call 022.4230473 or send your catalog by mail to Jalan Banceuy No 51, Bandung.



  • Can I visit your factory?

Due to our limited resources and some other reasons, Kopi Aroma does not allow any visitors to the factory.

Contact Us

Address : Jl. Banceuy No. 51
Bandung 40111
Phone : +62 22 4230473
Email : info@kopiaroma.id

Operational Hour

Monday to Saturday
09.00 AM – 14.30 PM
(close on Sunday and holiday)